Major Change in Email at Godaddy – Needs Your Decision

Dear Clients,

I need to let all my clients and former clients know that Godaddy has reached the decision to kill off all Workspace Email accounts. We have used those in the past because the email was free.

Those accounts need to be upgraded to Office 365 through Godaddy by November 9th.

I just did 2 of my own that are scheduled to be migrated on Wednesday afternoon. My cost for the first year for two boxes was $47. Next year, it would renew at the standard rate of $120. Personally, I plan to try to consolidate down to one email box before the renewal happens.

If people sign up for a 3 year plan now, their cost is 263.52.

If you are using more than 2 emails, Godaddy can quote the price. Keep in mind that if you consolidate emails, you will need to check the web sites that I built for you to count how many emails in which the forms and contacts are programmed.

I know people will not be happy with this news. But it does cost server companies considerable money in electricity and hardware to power those email servers and they do not currently charge for it. Office 365 is also substantially better technology than the old Workspace.

When an email account gets readded to a phone or desktop computer, with Office 365 the only settings that have to be entered are email address and password. It auto detects all the server settings.

I am sending this out so that everyone can make a decision about what they would like to do with their email addresses.

To perform this service and upgrade, you can call Godaddy’s email team at 1-480-463-8376 to have them schedule the migration and authorize the fees. You will need your Godaddy Account number, PIN and Credit Card Number before you call. Right now Godaddy is waving the migration fees.

Larger accounts with larger number of email boxes may want to consider all the options available.

I wanted to let all my clients know so that you can plan accordingly.

I hope all is well your way. Thanks so much.

Laura Kerbyson