3D Virtual Tours for Web Sites

We’d like to welcome Archie Weber to Florida Web Development.

Archie is a Certified Trusted Photographer for Google. By partnering with Archie we can offer our clients 3D Virtual Tours that appear through Google and we can embed them directly into web pages.

It’s the perfect way for customers to have a look around your restaurant, store, attraction, facility or any business. It’s an affordable way to add a lot of bang to the buck for a web site.

You can check out all the details here on our new page for 3D Virtual Tours.


Getting Donation Items Ready

We will be donating some Laura Kerbyson mouse pads and cell phone cases from our design company to the 10th Annual JAX Chamber Beach Bash on October 1, 2015. We’re getting a few items ready – just waiting on our little flyers to arrive….


Our Story

“Our Flights of Fancy” have helped to create millions of dollars of revenue for businesses.

Through our web sties, software kiosks and unique approaches to creating new content, products and services – We Create Memorable Experiences With Style.

In 2012 Carolina Web Development was founded based on a desire that I had to create products that harnessed the true power of design with the highest levels of computer science.

The company created iconic animated interfaces and web sites for companies that help generate millions of dollars in revenue. Based out of Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC we quickly picked up clients from many states.

We invented a technology for a hand driven computer system and launched our software kiosk sales.

We created the look, feel and identity for many newly created companies.

Our role began to take the form of economic development through design and our ability to think creatively. Today we have a “Wall of Work” that represents so much.

Last year, I had one of the most rewarding days of my career when a client received his first real web site after being in business for 20 years and he said, “This is the first time I’ve ever been able to SEE my company.”

“Yes, and look at what you’ve built.”

It’s exciting when you can do that for a business.

It’s exciting when you an innovate through design because you have a desire to reach for something more and you’ve spent 25 years pursing it.

In 2015 we launched Florida Web Development as an expansion project. It’s an enormously challenging proposition from a financial perspective. But I went into this knowing that I had built a successful model in Hilton Head and that model could be adapted to a larger market. But like all things in life, I wish we had more capital to put into it. It’s tremendously challenging being the bank for three companies. One of things we quickly developed for both companies was a product called, “Refer a Friend.” We so believe in what we are doing that we’re willing to pay $500 for a referral. It’s a Win-Win-Win for everyone involved.

In January 2015, I created a company and a brand to manufacture designer technology accessories. The company is called Laura Kerbyson. Through several product designs and factories, we now have a facility that manufactures iPhone cases and another one that supplies items like coordinating mouse pads. This little company is a place where I can let my imagination come to life.

And I’ve learned something incredibly interesting about human behavior from having this company. Men tend to think this is the biggest waste of my professional time and they never hesitate to say, “Don’t invest a bunch of time or money into this one….”

But I can spend hours at a networking event and talking about web sites, and the women in the group remember me for the cell phone case. Literally, their faces light up when they see it. Their smile gets big. They look at me and they say, “That…is awesome.”

They love that they can get the pattern for the inside of the phone. They love that woman would go into manufacturing and be conducing international business to bring a product to market. It’s the tangible nature of the phone that enables someone to see what I am capable of doing. I’ve had professional women recommend to me that this is the product I should take to One Spark next year. It’s a local shark tank project for Jacksonville.

Nonetheless, I find the very different reactions of the sexes to be fascinating.

When people see it, they understand the passion for design. There is something about holding it in their hand that gets people to make a connection that would not otherwise be made.

The designer technology accessories are sold at the store at the top of the Lighthouse on Hilton Head Island and through Amazon.

And those are the three companies, where it started and what it has grown into today and the challenges I face. I am unusually left and right brained. But through time and perseverance, I’ve been able to create companies and products that come from that mind. I’ve learned how to get it out of my head and make anything a reality.

I’m Laura Kerbyson and that’s our story.




We’ve got more sites in the que to add to the wall of work soon. I can’t wait.

Making Your Web Site Work for You

One of the key mistakes that businesses make when they put a web site into place is to not add new, fresh additional content.

Creating original content through articles, videos, photos and graphics can improve your search engine rankings and profile on the web. The current algorithms are geared toward favoring sites that do this as well as account for how much traffic a site has. If people are flocking to your site to find and use information, then your company will do better on the web.

For our clients, we can layer easy to use interfaces into their web sites so that they have a content management system or clients can elect for a maintenance contract where we produce the content and do updating to their sites or social media.

We offer a variety of pricing and options for all size businesses.

And sometimes clients just want to pay us for a few hours to generate the creative ideas for what kinds of content can be added.