Protzek USA

Today we are launching the web site

This is some of German engineering at it’s finest.

I’ll give you my non-scientific basic explanation of what this device is and what it does that’s unique.

It’s a mobile testing unit for law enforcement. Currently analyzers, which do what this unit, cost about $100,000 or more. The units that law enforcement use now are not mobile.

With this mobile device, law enforcement can swab a steering wheel and tell if there have been drugs in the car. It can be used on blood, sweat, salivia, surfaces, substances, etc. The unit can be used anywhere but it can only be sold to law enforcement.

The cost of these units is about 5% of what law enforcement is used to paying for this kind of technology. And it’s mobile. They can also print the results on the spot.

The company that makes the units are the German engineers Protzek. They have been used all over Europe for years. This will be the first time they will be sold in the United States.

They are very high tech.