The Announcement That’s Coming

The rumor mill has run rampant so I thought I would write this as an informal letter to my friends and business associates in the Carolinas and Florida. Yes, I have been noticeably absent from the Carolinas for many months.

I started Carolina Web Development in 2012. In 2015, I expanded and opened Florida Web Development, which was originally out of Jacksonville. In January, I moved it to Palm Beach County, FL.

Florida Web Development was hired by an investment company to create a company. And I think that statement under values the magnitude of what I was charged to create. I was hired to create and develop a national competitor to job board sites like Monster, Career Builder, Indeed and Zip Recruiter. I don’t know how much you know about how the software works with those companies but behind the scenes it is as complex as a creating a stock market in software.

To compete with the big boys, is more than a one-woman show. So I choose a development team that has been a really solid pick. We set about creating software that utilizes something that we call SMART Technology. It utilizes advanced algorithms to match each candidate with their perfect job. It’s a system based on advanced search techniques and artificial intelligence. It is a software system that we will continue to improve and continue to advance as the company evolves. We are determined to offer more features than any other company.

We are now within a couple of weeks of launching this company to the world. Our newest employees have started this week.

When the company officially launches for the Soft Launch, I will be stepping out of the developer and a manager role and strictly into operations. The owner of the company is the President of the company; I will become the Vice President of Operations. It’s my role to run this company and to continue to drive innovation. There will be a lot of revisions, changes and redesigns that will continue to make this a better product and company as we progress. It is our intention to build a national, billion dollar plus company. It’s ambitious, it’s aggressive and we hope to eventually achieve everything that is on our list.

I do still retain the ownership and function of Carolina Web Development and Florida Web Development. But, I was really at the point in which I needed to say something as I’ve turned down some smaller and medium sized clients lately without an explanation.

My reputation and companies were all about building technology with style and what I was hired to do had nothing to do with style and was not the focus of our development. Style will be addressed after functionality for obvious reasons.

There are still some long hours and weeks ahead and tough decisions. Most of our work is still sitting on the dev server. But I am really looking forward to launching this company and the sense of achievement that we will all have.

I hope that those of you know me will be happy for me and I hope that you become clients, either as job seekers or employers because we are aiming to be very competitive and well worth your time.


And yes, when I hit LAUNCH, there will be millions of jobs flowing into those systems. During the soft launch we’ll be testing systems and everything won’t be there yet.