Do Not Buy Godaddy’s Get Found Product

I’ve been a web developer over 15 years and I can’t begin to tell you how much our industry needs regulation to prevent certain companies from ripping off developers and clients.

I have a rule and I violated it. My rule is to never buy anything via telephone solicitation.

Let me give you some specifics:

Last June Godaddy calls me to solicit a new product called “Get Found.” I signed up Florida Web Development. Not only did the product not do anything, when I recently moved the business from Jacksonville to Palm Beach County, Florida I had another look at why it wasn’t working because I tried to change the address of my business. The product finally came up with an error message. Upon talking to Godaddy – here’s what they told me. “You have a sentence on your home page that says, ‘Our web sites can found in many states.’ That statement makes you ineligible to be local.” That’s one of the stupidest things you can say to a web developer who pays for a local location.

I pay for a local address in Palm Beach County – How can I not be local? We’re web developers. Of course, our sites are all over the Internet.

Then upon agreeing that the product never worked, they told me that due to constraints on their system they could only issue a 3-month refund. So I explained to them, “When you sell a product to someone and you discover that the product never functioned and you try to keep their money, that becomes fraud.”

I tried to encourage them to fix their product. They didn’t want to fix the product. I’m sure they didn’t want to fix it in the same way that every time a client of ours buys a domain name from Godaddy, they immediately try to sell them a web site and undercut us as developers. What blatant disrespect Godaddy has for the developers that fuel its business. Quite frankly you should be doing everything you can to help developers. You shouldn’t even be charging them for their companies because they send a huge chunk of business to Godaddy.

A few years ago as developers, we were so mad when we discovered that Network Solutions was keeping it’s database caps low so that customers would have to call and pay for their tech support to raise the caps. It was the biggest scam I have ever seen. They made a bunch of money off of it because the developers were prevented from raising the caps. It had to be done by Network Solutions. All of the modern templating systems were larger and required larger database caps. You’ve heard of fraud in the real estate market – welcome to fraud with server companies.

Fraud is the only way to categorize some of these items. My only recourse is to call the credit card company and dispute the charge, because Godaddy’s system is telling me my business info can’t be published. And they are telling me they can’t refund the money.

There has always been a major problem with the way Google indexes Florida Web Development. I kind of suspect that this product might have played a role in our indexing problems. We’ve tried repeatedly to try to get it fixed. We’re still trying to get Google to fix problems with it. The domain is at Network Solutions but is pointed at a Godaddy server. Google, also having some poorly written software, sees the domain repointing as “redirection.” Redirection and domain pointing are two different things.

The bottom line is that as developers we just frustrated with having to deal with bad software and bad decisions that impact our business. You start to feel like they are doing this to developers on purpose to fuel their own interests.

At the end of the day, all I can do is to tell my clients to always talk to me before you purchase anything or do anything. Otherwise, you might just get ripped off. This product costs $155 per year when they sold it to me.

See for yourself. Notice what the orange bar at the top of the screen says:

Godaddy Screenshot

The New Animation

I hope you like the new animation for the main slider.


My dad had a 1956 MGA when I was growing up.

Special Effects

I worked on creating a slider for a web page where the client needed the video tilted. I put the problem solving skills to work to find a solution. This is what the slider video looks like without the text.